2022 Mid-Atlantic High School Student Production Nominees


“Wake Up Warriors 2-11-22”- Penn Trafford High School
TJ Szewcow, Anchor
Phelan Newman, Anchor
Jake Pleins, Technical Director
Rebecca Mills, Reporter
Morgan Fong, Director
Gianna Purpura, Switcher
Liam Carey, Sports Anchor
Aidan Kelly, Script Supervisor
Braden Schreyer, Asst Director
Steve Vinton, Teacher

“Wake Up Warriors 1-27-22”- Penn Trafford High School
TJ Szewcow, Anchor
Phelan Newman, Anchor
Morgan Fong, Director
Jake Pleins, Technical Director
Rebecca Mills, Reporter
Gianna Purpura, Switcher
Liam Carey, Sports Anchor
Aidan Kelly, Script Supervisor
Braden Schreyer, Asst Director
Steve Vinton, Teacher

“Mornings 2-11-22”- North Penn High School
 Erin Jesberger, Producer
Nicholas Polisi, Producer
Patrick Whelihan, Producer
Reesa Frost, Director

“WCAT-TV News”- Greater Latrobe Senior High School
 Ramiya Henderson, Anchor
Jaden Alesi, Weather Reporter
Ben Hamaty, Sports Reporter
Luke Hamaty, Sports Reporter
Abbey Williams, Reporter
Edina Prue, Reporter
Arielle Teppert, Reporter
Harley Cochran, Reporter
Alexis Noel, Reporter
Eden Jiang, Production Crew
Kailyn Rocco, Production Crew
Acacia Houck, Teacher

“Central York Book Ban Resistance”- Hempfield High School
Lizzie Pegg, Multimedia Journalist

“Mental Health Resources for Students”- Penn Trafford High School
Zach Grabowski, Producer/Editor/Camera
Steve Vinton, Teacher

“Debate Over Late Start Times”– MBIT
Samantha Rosinski, Camera/Editor
Christian Pearson, Reporter

“Marathon with A Mission”- Penn Trafford High School
Braden Schreyer, Editor
Gianna Purpura, Editor/Camera
Rebecca Mills, Reporter/Editor
Steve Vinton, Teacher

“Sisters Share Their Love of Music with Elderly Despite Covid”- Padua Academy
Amneris Romero-Martinez, Reporter

“You’ve Got a Friend Day”- Penn Trafford High School
Morgan Fong, Producer/Editor
Joshua Bujakowski, Advisor
Steve Vinton, Teacher

“Public Safety Training Reopens”- MBIT
Jared Kayser, Shooter/Editor
Joey Boerner, Reporter
Jupiter Gessner, Producer

“Up in The Air – Fun Fly”- North Penn High School
Nicholas Polisi, Reporter/ Editor/Photographer

“Froggy Band 7-11 Nachos”- North Penn High School
 Nicholas Polisi, Reporter/ Editor/ Camera

“How Dirt Bikes in The City Build Community, Culture”- WHYY Media Labs
Yaelis Terron, Reporter/Voiceover
Damein Williams, Interviewer/Camera/Editor
Lisa Wilk, Advisor
Trent Hinson, Advisor

“Teens Start Community Fridge”- WHYY Media Labs
 Noel Chacko, Interviewer/Camera/Editor
Lisa Wilk, Advisor

“The Purpose of Circus”- Collingswood High School
Audrey Bosniak, Producer
Danielle Armano, Teacher

“A Look Inside: El Molino”- WHYY Media Labs
Noel Chacko, Interviewer/Camera/Editor
Lisa Wilk, Instructor

“Rebel Bred Clothing”- Pine-Richland High School
Carter Cato, Director
Patrick Demitras, Editor
Aaron Koehler
, Teacher

“Metallica: More Than Metal”- Penn Trafford High School
           Cade Stukus, Editor
Steve Vinton, Teacher

“Everybody’s Working for The Weekend”- Newark High School
Tyler Bedford, Talent/Editor
John Knies, Camera Operator
Ryan Salandria, Advisor

“Talking to The Moon”- Pascack Valley High School
Tyler Toldeo, Director/Editor
Michael Sherman, Advisor

“Hold On”- Hempfield High School
Savannah Miller, Cinematographer/Director

“When We Were Young”- Penn Trafford High School
Phelan Newman, Actor/Director/Editor
TJ Szewcow, Lighting
Joshua Bujakowski, Advisor
Steve Vinton, Teacher

“The Current O.C.”- Ocean City High School
Sophia Wagner, Anchor
Elijah Watson, Anchor
Danielle Weidner, Director/Producer
Charlie Cole, Technical Director
Gianna Ripa, Audio
Eddie D’Amico, Weather
Taylor Tucker, Graphics
Matthew Grimley, Stage Manager

“The PVTV Halloween Special 2021”- Pascack Valley High School
Conor McKenna, Anchor/Editor/Producer
Justin Amato, Anchor
Matthew Bell, Talent
Zachary Gasperino, Talent/Editor
Ryan Campbell, Talent
Blake Goldstein, Talent
Brendan Noone, Talent
Steven Demboski, Talent
Nshan Atakhanian, Editor
Michael Sherman, Advisor

“Hempfield Happenings- December 2021”- Hempfield High School
Morgan Wilfong, Host

“Prime Time Sports”- Penn Trafford High School
 Aidan Kelly, Camera
Aidan Pula, Technical Director
Colin Connors, Camera
Conner Alexander, Anchor
Ella Coy, Switcher
Liam Carey, Anchor
Phelan Newman, Graphics
Paul Mills, Anchor
Dom Randall, Director
Steve Vinton, Advisor

“Warriors: Forged from Football”- Penn Trafford High School
Joshua Bujakowski, Exec Producer
Jake Pleins, Director/Editor
Aidan Kelly, Editor
Zach Grabowski, Editor
Morgan Fong, Camera/Writer
Ella Coy, Writer
Katie Reese, Camera
Amanda Bobish, Camera
Steve Vinton, Advisor

“The Unheard Voices”- Hempfield High School
Grace Monos, Photographer/Editor

“Hunter”- Metuchen High School
Michelle Tang, Writer/Producer/Director/Editor
Ben Solasky, Cinematographer
Rose Notch, Boom Operator/Production Assistant

“Black History Month Virtual Assembly”- Sterling High School
Sharae Cuffee, Writer/Producer/Editor

“Inside the Color Green”- Big Picture Alliance
Demi Sills, Director

“The Walk Home”- Big Picture Alliance
Chenjing Liaw, Director

“Building Bonds Through Music”- Newark High School
Benjamin Elko, Camera/Editor
Emma Baer, Lighting
Mariana Catts, Camera
Corey McElveen, Camera
Ryan Salandria, Advisor

“What Keeps You Up at Night?”- Pine-Richland High School
Quinn Martin, Director/Editor
Aaron Koehler, Teacher

“The Uncomfortable Silence”- MBIT
Billy Kubacki, Writer/Director
Luke Whitney, Cinematographer
Eddie Kenna, Sound Design
Cullen Hussey, Actor
Dary Demchuk, Actor
Abner Yanes, Lighting Grip

“Debate Over MLK Drive”- WHYY Media Labs
 Kaveen Harohalli, Student Reporter
Joe Savin, Advisor
Lisa Wilk, Advisor

“Re-entry Program Changes Perspectives Through Art”- WHYY Media Labs
Kaitlyn Rodriguez, Interviewer/Camera/Editor
Lisa Wilk, Advisor
Brianna Spause, Advisor

“The Musher”- Upper Perkiomen High School
Dillon Brendle, Producer
Kayman Heater, Producer
Abigaile Fox, Musher
Dave Thomas, Advisor

“OCHS Swimming”- Ocean City High School
Sophia Cione, Reporter

“The Brotherhood: La Salle Soccer Remembers Blake Barklage”- La Salle College High School – WEXPTV
Kyle Adriaansen, Producer
Braden Hynes, Producer/Shooter
Christian Daikeler, Producer
Finn Loftus, Producer

       “Sterling Basketball Vs West Deptford”- Sterling High School
           Sharae Coffee, Camera
Samantha Lucia, Graphics
Nick Reitano, Replay Producer
Ben Nicholas, Camera
Sean McAleer, Camera
Brian Mclernon, Camera
Jacob Clark, Announcer
John Halwood, Announcer
Jonathan Orleno, Camera

“TETV Sports – Wrestling Vs Garnet Valley”- Conestoga High School
James Gavin Daly, Commentator
William Balk, Commentator
Douglas Andreuzzi, Technical Director
Andrew Casparius, Graphics Coordinator
Aidan Stewart, Director
Lily Warlick, Producer
Zachary Rejonis, Producer
Nicholas Rinderle, Producer

“TETV Sports – Conestoga High School Basketball”- Conestoga High School
Charlie Susanin, Commentator
James Gavin Daly, Commentator
Remington Vaughan, Technical Director
Douglas Andreuzzi, Director
Andrew Casparius, Graphics Coordinator
Dean Rinder, Audio Engineer
Maximillian Shah, Instant Replay
Nicholas Rinderle, Producer

“Safety Chimp”- Pine-Richland High School
Geneva Doughty, Producer/Director/Editor
Aaron Koehler, Teacher

“PSA Anxiety by Sharae Cuffee”- Sterling High School
Sharae Cuffee, Producer

“Piece of Paper”- Penn Trafford High School
Phelan Newman, Director/Editor
Steve Vinton, Advisor
Joshua Bujakowski, Advisor

“Weed Out Impaired Driving”- Greater Latrobe Senior High School
Lily Haverly, Producer
Acacia Houck, Advisor

“The High School Weightroom”- Greater Latrobe Senior High School
Ramiya Henderson, Producer
Vinny Oddo, Producer
Nik Manolakos, Producer
Acacia Houck, Advisor

“Take Creative Writing”- Pine-Richland High School
Geneva Doughty, Director/Editor
Aaron Koehler, Advisor

“Schedule Broadcast & Video Production”- Greater Latrobe Senior High School
Alexis Noel, Producer
Harley Cochran, Producer
Abbey Williams, Producer
Acacia Houck, Advisor

“Brushes and Beans”- Penn Trafford High School
           Khristian Miller, Student
Steve Vinton, Advisor

           Conor McKenna, Pascack Valley High School

Michelle Tang, Metuchen High School

“The Brotherhood”- La Salle College High School – WEXPTV
           Kyle Adriaansen, Braden Hynes, Christian Daikeler,

      Jarrett Wilson, Carlisle Area School District Center for Careers and Technology       

Rebecca Mills, Penn Trafford High School

Erin Jesberger/Jack Bachman, North Penn High School

       “Giant Steps: The Roots of Change”- Collingswood High School
           Josiah Angehr, Writer/Director of Photography
Danielle Armano, Advisor

“COVID’s Impact on Local Small Businesses”- Penn Trafford High School
           Zach Grabowski, Director/Editor/Camera
Steve Vinton, Advisor

“Rivalry Continues at Franklin Field”- La Salle College High School – WEXPTV
           Kyle Adriaansen, Producer/Editor