Silver Circle/Gold Circle Society

Silver Circle is an honor society within our chapter for members who have spent 25+ years working in pursuit of our profession’s highest and most noble goals. Gold Circle is for those with 50+ years. It is our intent to recognize those people in a television station, cable channel, or production house who have been a reliable, valued colleague, a respected mentor, a creative contributor, a diligent advocate for the audience, or an ambassador within your market for the television industry.  Our committee meets to consider new candidates each spring.  Nomination forms are due May 1.

– To nominate a candidate, please fill out the Silver Circle Nomination Form.
– Please fill out this Gold Circle Gold Circle Nomination Form before June 1.

Class of 2021 Silver Circle Inductees:
Joyce Evans (FOX29)- 2021
Jessica Lee (WLVT)- 2021
Amy Marcinkiewicz (WPXI)- 2021
Tim Rigby (WJAC)- 2021
Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz (NBC10)- 2021
Brenda Waters (KDKA)- 2021

Class of 2021 Gold Circle Inductees:
Paul Byers (WQED)- 2021
Charles Clark (WGAL)- 2021
Vernon Odom (WPVI)- 2021

           Past Honorees
Carl Abraham (WNEP)- 2020
Cesar Aldama (NBC10/CBS3)- 2019
Chris Brady (CBS3)- 2014
Trudi Brown (WHYY)- 2017
Pat Ciarrochi (CBS3)-2015
Michael Challik KDKA- 2017
Kathy Craine (WFMZ)- 2016
Dave Crawley (KDKA)- 2019
George Cummings (Temple University)- 2016
James DePury, WPMT/WBRE/NATAS- 2018
Paul Gluck (Temple University)- 2015
Bruce Gordon (FOX29)- 2019
Harold Hayes (KDKA)- 2016
Lynne Hayes-Freeland (KDKA)-2019
Mark Hiller (WBRE)- 2018
Tim Holoman (WPXI)- 2017
Charlene Horne (CBS3)- 2020
Dick Hoxworth (WGAL)- 2017
Jeff Hughes (WPSU)- 2014
Ralph Iannotti (KDKA)- 2020
Mary Robb Jackson (KDKA)- 2017
Mark Johnston (WPXI)- 2019
Pete Kane (NBC10)- 2014
Michael Lazorko (WTAE)- 2015
Kim Lemon (WGAL)- 2018
Gregg Mace (WHTM)- 2019
Kevin Martorana (Take One Productions)- 2016
Chris Moore (WQED)- 2018
Pierina Morelli (WQED/KDKA)- 2016
Brad Nau (CBS3)- 2020
Aviva Radbord (KDKA)- 2014
Chuck Rhodes (WHTM acb27)- 2015
Dave Rupp (WGAL)- 2020
Joel Sanders (FOX29)- 2016
Patty Satalia (WPSU)- 2019
Dave Schratweiser (FOX29)- 2017
Jimmy Seech (WQED)- 2014
Janice Selinger (NATAS/NJ)-2017
Sue Serio (FOX29)- 2018
Vai Sikahema (NBC10)- 2020
Grover Silcox (WLVT)- 2019
Dee Thompson (WPXI)- 2015
Ray Tipton (NBCSp)- 2018
Bill Wallace (WPSU)- 2018
Renee Wallace (WPXI)- 2020
Frank Warninsy (WQED)- 2014
2016 Silver Circle Recipients (L to R): George Cummings, Harold Hayes, Kathy Craine, Pierina Morelli, Kevin Martorana, Joel Sanders

2015 Silver Circle Recipients