Silver Circle Society

Silver Circle is an honor society within our chapter for members who have spent 25 years working in pursuit of our professions highest and most noble goals. It is our intent to recognize those people in a television station, cable channel or production house who have been a reliable, valued colleague, a respected mentor, a creative contributor, a diligent advocate for the audience or an ambassador within your market for the television industry.  Our committee meets to consider new candidates each spring.  To nominate a candidate, please please click here and submit the form by May 1.

Class of 2019 Inductees:
Cesar Aldama, NBC10/CBS3
Dave Crawley, KDKA
Bruce Gordon, FOX29
Lynne Hayes-Freeland, KDKA
Mark Johnston, WPXI
Gregg Mace, WHTM
Patty Satalia, WPSU
Grover Silcox, WLVT

           Past Honorees
Chris Brady (CBS3)- 2014
Trudi Brown (WHYY)- 2017
Pat Ciarrochi (CBS3)-2015
Michael Challik KDKA- 2017
Kathy Craine (WFMZ)- 2016
George Cummings (Temple University)- 2016
James DePury, WPMT/WBRE/NATAS- 2018
Paul Gluck (Temple University)- 2015
Harold Hayes (KDKA)- 2016
Mark Hiller (WBRE)- 2018
Tim Holomon (WPXI)- 2017
Dick Hoxworth (WGAL)- 2017
Jeff Hughes (WPSU)- 2014
Mary Robb Jackson (KDKA)- 2017
Pete Kane (NBC10)- 2014
Michael Lazorko (WTAE)- 2015
Kim Lemon (WGAL)- 2018
Kevin Martorana (Take One Productions)- 2016
Chris Moore (WQED)- 2018
Pierina Morelli (WQED/KDKA)- 2016
Aviva Radbord (KDKA)- 2014
Chuck Rhodes (WHTM acb27)- 2015
Joel Sanders (FOX29)- 2016
Dave Schratweiser (FOX29)- 2017
Jimmy Seech (WQED)- 2014
Janice Selinger (NATAS/NJ)-2017
Sue Serio (FOX29)- 2018
Dee Thompson (WPXI)- 2015
Ray Tipton (NBCSp)- 2018
Bill Wallace (WPSU)- 2018
Frank Warninsy (WQED)- 2014
2016 Silver Circle Recipients (L to R): George Cummings, Harold Hayes, Kathy Craine, Pierina Morelli, Kevin Martorana, Joel Sanders

2015 Silver Circle Recipients