College Student Production Awards

The 2023 Mid-Atlantic Regional Awards were presented Saturday, October 14, at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square.  Click here to view the list of award recipients.

Entries for the 2023 College/University Production Awards were accepted through April 28, 2023. Entries can include up to 12 names.
– View the 2023 Call For Entries, a list of the rules and information needed to submit entries to the competition.
– The awards entry deadline is April 28.
– We offer 8 categories for our College/University Students.
– Eligibility year: April 1, 2022- March 31, 2023
– Join the Academy for just $10 or set up a free registered user account here.
– Once you have your account, submit your entry online: College Awards.
– Processing fee is $30/entry.
– Winning entries receive a beautiful glass Academy pillar for their school.  Individual student pillars can be ordered after the ceremony for all entrants in our Chapter store.
NOTE: – Create a registered user account here and begin then login to start the submission process here.  (Students who aren’t members do not need an account.  Just list their name on the entry form as a guest user with a “name-only” account.)

College/University Award Pillars
Individual awards can be purchased for all individuals listed on the entry by clicking here.

College/University Awards
College/University Awards are open to all students in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  If you were paid for your work, you are not eligible for our student awards but you may be able to submit your entry in the Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Awards competition.
– All entrants must be a member or set up a FREE user account to be listed as an entrant. (A student membership account is not required, but costs only $10.)
– Other contributors can be acknowledged for a nomination/award by purchasing a plaque or certificate.