The 2021 College/University Production awards deadline is April 30.
– We offer 7 categories for our College/University Students.
– Eligibility year:  April 1, 2020-March 31, 2021
– Include up to 10 entrant names for one $30 entry fee.
– Nominees will be announced in August.  The College/University Student Production Awards will be announced as part of the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® Awards.
– Join the Academy for just $10 or set up a free registered user account here.
– Once you have your account, submit your entry online: College Awards.
– Processing fee $30/entry.  Entries include up to 10 student names.
– Winning entries receives a beautiful glass Academy pillar for their school.  Individual pillars can be ordered after the ceremony for all entrants in our Chapter store.

College/University Award Pillars
Individual awards can be purchased for all individuals listed on the entry by clicking here.

College/University Awards
College/University Awards are open to all students in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  If you were paid for your work, you are not eligible for our student awards but you may be able to submit your entry in the Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Awards competition.
– All entrants must be a member or set up a FREE user account to be listed as an entrant. (A student membership account is not required, but costs only $10.)
– Other contributors can be acknowledged for a nomination/award by purchasing a plaque or certificate.