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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an entry? 
First, join NATAS or set up a registered user to access the Emmy Express online system.  From your dashboard, you can submit an entry, request judging, make payments, etc. Be sure to upload and approve the video so it can be viewed by the judges.

What are the eligibility dates?
The eligibility year runs April 1-March 31.

Why is there a judging requirement?
It’s part of the Emmy process.  All entries are judged by trading entries with other chapters.  We need judges for our entries so we have to judge entries from other chapters.  We need qualified entrants and past nominees/recipients to keep the integrity of the awards process.  In the past, many have entered but only few actually judge.  Starting in 2020, if you don’t fulfill the judging requirement each year then you pay more for your entries.  Most judging takes 60-90 minutes. Be part of the process- we need you!

Can I add entrants later?
No.  You should include all entrants at the time of submission.  Each entrant must pay an entry fee to be eligible for a statue if the entry would win.  Only entrants named on the submission will be eligible for a statue.

When will the Nominees and Recipients be announced? 
Entries will be judged through July and Nominees will be announced in August. Look for more information on the four locations of our Nomination Announcement Parties.  The 2020 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards will be presented September 19, at the Philadelphia Marriott.

Do I have to be a member of NATAS to enter?
No.  Membership is not required to submit an entry.  However, members receive discounts on every entry they submit.  It pays to be a member!!

Can I submit a group name or “News Team” as an entrant?
No.  Emmy® Statues are awarded to individuals, not groups.  We permit the ten (10) largest contributors to be listed on the entry.  Each entrant pays an entry fee to cover the cost of processing the entry and part of the cost of the statue.  While only ten entrants can be listed on the entry and are eligible to receive a statue for a winning entry, additional contributors may purchase plaques and certificates to note their accomplishments.  The company/station may also purchase up to three commemorative statues for display at their place of business.

Can I submit a URL to view my video entry?
No.  I’m sorry we cannot accept a URL and must have the video uploaded through the Emmy® Express system for judging.  We do accept the URL for the Interactive Media category in addition to the video.

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