2015 Student Award Recipients


Newscast (Trently Prize)
“The Connection: Falcoween Edition”- Cedar Crest High School
Tim Sensenig, Producer
Nick Weiss, Talent
Maryel Wagner, Editor/Teleprompter
Claire Fitzgibbons, Editor
Dwane Holloman, Editor/Sound
Anna Moffitt, Editor

News: General Assignment
“A Touchdown to Remember”- Dallastown Area High School
Matt Brosey, Producer/Editor

Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs
“Why?”- Washington Township High School
Anna Bradley, Director/Editor

Music Video
“My Rebirth… Creatively”- Upper Dublin High School
James Tralie, Director/Editor
Justin Richmond, Performer/Songwriter

“Dog Days”- Conestoga High School
Paula Miller, Producer
Grace Henry, Producer
Miranda Moody, Producer

Long Form- Fiction
“Connect”- Springfield Township High School
Christopher Cush, Producer

Long Form Non-Fiction
“Drug of Choice”- Cedar Crest High School
Nicholas Weiss, Director/Talent/Editor

“TWP Gymnastics”- Washington Township High School
Abby Haley, Talent/Producer

“Bouncing Back”- North Penn High School
Lauren Schwartz, Reporter/Editor

Public Service (PSAs)- Young Producer’s Award
“But, I Can’t”- Washington Township High School
Taylor Fontana, Producer

Gretchen Hopkirk- Hempfield High School

“P-Way State of Mind”- Piscataway High School
Jh-neil Cooper, Devin Johnson