2015 Student Nominees


Newscast (Trently Prize)
“Mornings Holiday Break Edition”- North Penn High School
Chris Mackowiak, Producer
Lauren Schwartz, Anchor
Alexa Duffy, Anchor
Shane Dolan, Director
Ethan Willouer, Technical Director
Carlos Puentes, Segment Producer
Tiffani Liebel, Segment Producer

“Mornings”- North Penn High School
Chris Mackowiak, Producer
Lauren Schwartz, Assistant Producer/Reporter
Alexa Duffy, Anchor
Shane Dolan, Director
Ethan Willouer, Technical Director
Carlos Puentes, Segment Producer
Tiffani Liebel, Segment Producer

“Hempfield Happenings”- Hempfield High School
Taylor Harnish, Producer
Erin Hart, Producer
Duncan Brady, Producer
Luke Mondock, Producer

“Patriot Primetime Daily Morning Show”- Central Bucks High School

John Benedix, Advisor

Mimi Mabrey, Anchor

Cameron Keller, Anchor

Brandon Nieto, Director

Tanner McGrath, Technical Director

Dan Powell, Floor Manager

Zac Henning, Audio


“The Connection: Falcoween Edition”- Cedar Crest High School

Tim Sensenig, Producer

Nick Weiss, Talent

Maryel Wagner, Editor/Teleprompter

Claire Fitzgibbons, Editor

Dwane Holloman, Editor/Sound

Anna Moffitt, Editor


News: General Assignment

“Pursuit of Perfection: Raymond Lambert ’79”- Salesianum School

James Blackwell, Reporter/Photographer

Jacob Biedermann, Producer/Editor


“Fr. Zumbrum and The Clippers of Fire”- Salesianum School

Jeffrey Sweeney, Photographer

Ryan Salandria, Advisor


“Cyberbullying”- Milton Hershey School

Ronald Rickens, Instructor/Editor/Reporter

Alex Anderson, Producer/Writer/Videographer/Editor


“Answering the Call”- Kennett High School

Sarah Terpning, Producer/Reporter


“Depression is Deadly”- Hatboro Horsham High School

Nicole Esola, Director/Producer


“A Touchdown to Remember”- Dallastown Area High School

Matt Brosey, Producer/Editor


Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

“Why?”- Washington Township High School

Anna Bradley, Director/Editor


“Fitness with Fluck and Frey – American Ninja”- North Penn High School

Lauren Schwartz, Producer/Editor/Camera

Alexa Duffy, Producer/Editor/Camera


“Acceptance”- Milton Hershey School

Virginia Peck, Producer/Writer/Videographer/Editor

Ronald Rickens, Instructor


“Paying It Forward”- Milton Hershey School

Alex Anderson, Producer/Videographer/Editor

Kenidie Kalbach, Producer/Videographer/Editor

Ronald Rickens, Instructor


“Fall Experience”- Collingswood High School

Brandon Ward, Producer/Cinematographer


Music Video

“My Rebirth… Creatively”- Upper Dublin High School

James Tralie, Director/Editor

Justin Richmond, Performer/Songwriter


“Monster”- Piscataway High School

Mohamed Mohamed, Video Editor/Producer


“Elastic Heart Music Video”- Franklin Regional High School

Julia Drnjevich, Directdor/Editor/Videographer


“Don’t Let the Sun…”- Cresskill High School

Peter Chalamian, Director of Photography

Michael Villani, Editor

Shane Kress, Advisor


“Dog Days”- Conestoga High School

Paula Miller, Producer

Grace Henry, Producer

Miranda Moody, Producer


“Be Okay Cover”- Cedar Crest High School

Lheandrew Canete, Camera/Editor/Producer


Long Form- Fiction

“#Twurge “The Twitter Purge”- Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy

Gregory Markowitz, Director

Roberto Adams, Editor

Adler LaFleur Photography

Nicole Guillermo, Producer

Mary Rivera, Faculty Advisor


“Connect”- Springfield Township High School

Christopher Cush, Producer


“Mothers and Daughters”- Randolph High School

Vincent D’Alessandro, Director/Producer


Long Form Non-Fiction

“Intermission”- Randolph High School

Gabby Cecala, Producer

Kara Sevola, Producer

Noah Taylor, Producer


“EHS Stage Crew Documentary”- Emmaus High School

Nicki Zelenak, Producer/Editor


“Drug of Choice”- Cedar Crest High School

Nicholas Weiss, Director/Talent/Editor



“TWP Gymnastics”- Washington Township High School

Abby Haley, Talent/Producer


“Bouncing Back”- North Penn High School

Lauren Schwartz, Reporter/Editor


“CHS Panthers: A Second Chance”- Collingswood High School

Meghan O’Neill, Producer/Editor

Michael Daly, Director of Photography


“Winter Sports Preview”- Cedar Crest High School

Nikolaj Madsen, Camera/Editor


Public Service (PSAs)- Young Producer’s Award

“Abbey Road Drive To Stay Alive”- Washington Township High School

Hanna Hudnall, Talent

Kylie Finnigan, Editor


“But, I Can’t”- Washington Township High School

Taylor Fontana, Producer


“The Tech Generation Gives Back“- Upper Dublin High School

James Tralie, Director


“No Safety. Know Pain”- Dallastown Area High School

Matt Brosey, Producer/Animator


“Post Prom is the Best Choice Promos”- Cedar Crest High School

Anna Moffitt, Camera/Editor

Amanda Rhine, Producer


“Hair Drive Promotional Video”- Cedar Crest High School

Tori Dunn, Producer/Editor



Jack Watson, Lenape High School

Gretchen Hopkirk- Hempfield High School

Callaghan Schwartz- Conestoga High School

Nicholas Weiss- Cedar Crest High School



“P-Way State of Mind”- Piscataway High School

Jh-neil Cooper, Devin Johnson


“This I Believe: A Mother’s Strength”- Collingswood High School

Jane Hatzell