2019 College/University Call For Entries


NATAS has no student chapters, but it does offer student memberships.

Students listed on the entry form for Student Achievement Awards must have been enrolled in an accredited college/university within the Chapter boundaries at the time of production and completion of his/her piece within the eligibility period.

NATAS is a professional service organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and related media and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry, best known for the coveted Emmy® Award.


PURPOSE:   To recognize outstanding student achievements in production by conferring awards of merit in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  The presentation of these awards is intended to be an incentive for the continued pursuit of excellence by those studying media and journalism and to focus public attention on outstanding cultural, educational, technological, entertainment, news and informational achievements by undergraduate college/university students.


  1. Programs or program segments conceived, produced and executed by students at a university, college or technical/vocational school within the Chapter’s designated award area are eligible for student award consideration.
  2. Returning students who previously worked as professionals are not eligible.
  3. No professional services may have been employed in the production of the entry.
  4. Faculty involvement can only be advisory.
  5. Entrants must be enrolled as a full-time student during the eligibility period.
  6. Students may enter work that was produced as a class assignment, extra-curricular assignment or in conjunction with their academic experience.
  7. Students who perform professional work may enter their work in the professional awards competition, provided they meet all eligibility requirements.
  8. No entry may be submitted to more than one Chapter’s awards.
  9. The entry does not need to have been broadcast, cablecast or webcast to be eligible.
  10. Entries must be submitted as they were originally transmitted.
  11. There may not be any post-broadcast changes, except edits for time, as noted on the category descriptions that follow.
  12. There is no limit to the number of entries a school may submit in each category.
  13. Pornographic, violent, defamatory or offensive material is not accepted. The interpretation of the Awards Committee is final and absolute.
  14. Ineligible entries may be disqualified during any phase of the competition.

STUDENT PRODUCTIONS: Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are not eligible for Emmy® award recognition. If material is produced as part of a class, for which school credit is received, they are considered a student. If they are paid or working on a project with other “professionals,” and want to enter the Chapter’s Emmy® Award competition, they cannot enter as a student, but instead must pay the appropriate entries fees as an active NATAS member (or non-member). The student is then prohibited from entering subsequent student production categories with other classmates. Student award recipients from any NATAS Chapters’ high school or college competitions may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of commercial advertising or promotion for their recognition.

INTENTIONAL FALSIFICATION: The student advisor warrants that they are the party most responsible for verifying the eligibility requirements have been met. The intentional falsification of production credits or entry credits may be the basis for disqualification.

ENTRY ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences assumes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of those individuals or entities submitting entries pursuant to this notice. All submitting entities and/or individuals are advised to review submissions with respect to correct name credits and other information. NATAS shall accept all submissions that are not in conflict with any of its rules and regulations.

JUDGING AND EVALUATION: Programs are judged on three criteria: Content, Creativity and Execution on a 10-point scale (maximum 30 points); and craft entries are judged on two criteria: Creativity and Execution for (maximum 20 points).   Judging panels are to be made up of professional peer judges. Judges have the option of including constructive comments or feedback, to be returned to the student’s faculty advisor.

FEES: There is a $30 administrative fee for each entry.   There are no individual student entry fees.   Membership is not required to submit an entry.

ENTRY SUBMISSIONS:   The school where the work was produced must submit each entry and the faculty advisor submitting the entry must sign the entry form. There is no limit to the number of entries a school may submit.

LANGUAGE(S): Entries in English will be judged by English-speaking professionals. Entries in Spanish will be judged by Spanish-speaking professionals.   Entries in other languages may be entered. Judging of these entries is subject to the availability of qualified judges who speak the language of the entry. We recommend that entrants in languages other than English or Spanish submit an English-language translation of the narration track.

ORIGINAL MATERIAL: At least two-thirds of an entry must consist of original material, unless previously produced material has been given some unique and creative treatment. Entrants must specifically identify and give credit to all non-original material included in the entry. This includes music use.

AWARDS: A crystal pillar is awarded to school for entries validated by a professor or teacher. Students responsible for the production, as specified in writing by the school, will each receive a certificate.

NOTE: Regional NATAS high school recipients will automatically advance to a national competition. Those honorees will be announced at a live event to be scheduled in the fall of 2019.  For more information visit the National Television Academy’s website:   http://emmyonline.org/nationalstudent

RESTRICTION ON THE USE OF EMMY® MARK: Schools may refer to the fact that they are recipients of a NATAS Student Production Award, but may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of commercial advertising or promotion.


Pennsylvania (except Erie), Central and southeren NJ, Northern DE, the Wheeling, WV, Stuebenville, OH market area.

ELIGIBILITY PERIODEntries must have been produced in the Mid-Atlantic Region during the eligibility period April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019.

ENTRY DEADLINE: All entries must be received and uploaded by 5:00pm on Friday, April 26, 2019.

CONTACT INFORMATION: ED, Tara Faccenda, tara@natasmid-atlantic.org or 610-859-8886.


DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Online entry forms must be completed and entries uploaded no later than 8:00pm on Friday, April 26, 2019. The earlier you upload, the easier it will be to allow time for adjustments and problems. Please make a genuine effort to start early to avoid getting caught in a pipeline jam.