2014 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Recipients

2014 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Recipients

01 – Newscast Evening – Larger Markets (markets #1-38)
CBS3 Eyewitness News at 11:00: Boardwalk Inferno- CBS3
Susan Schiller, VP News
02 – Newscast Evening – Medium Markets (markets 39 & smaller)
Eyewitness News at 6:00pm: Ross Township Tragedy- WBRE-TV
Drew Speier, Anchor
Candice Kelly, Anchor
Lindsay Keeler, Producer
Sandy Wisnewski, Director
Laurie Monteforte, Reporter
Andy Mehalshick, Reporter
03 – Newscast – Morning
Good Day Philadelphia January 29, 2014- FOX29
Tom Louden, Senior Producer
Jessica Klein, Producer
04 – General Assignment Report Within 24 Hours
Delivering Birthday Wishes- WHTM abc27
Eric Heisler, Photojournalist
Kendra Nichols, Reporter
05 – Spot News
18-Hour Standoff- KDKA-TV
Anne Linaberger, News Director
06 – Continuing Coverage – No Time Limit
Deadly Building Collapse- CBS3/CW Philly 57
Susan Schiller, VP News
07 – Investigative Report – Single Story or Series
PA State Representative Ghost Employee- FOX29
Mark LaValla, Photographer/Editor
Jeff Cole, Reporter
Gary Scurka, Producer
08 – Feature News Report
Drawing From Experience- WHTM abc27
Eric Heisler, Photojournalist
Steven Fisher, Reporter
09 – Feature News Report – Serious Feature
The Demon of Brownsville Road- KDKA-TV
Andy Sheehan, Reporter
Ian Smith, Photographer/Editor
10 – Feature News Report – Series
Philippines: Hope and Healing- WHTM abc27
Jonathan Eirkson, Photographer
Kendra Nichols, Reporter
11 – Arts/Entertainment Program Feature/Segment
Guthrie at Greystone- PCK Media
Susan Wallner, Producer/Director
Joseph Conlon, Director of Photography
12 – Arts Program/Special
Portraits For The Home Front: The Story Of Elizabeth Black- WQED Multimedia
David Solomon, Producer
Paul Ruggieri, Director of Photography
Paula Zetter, Design Manager
13 – Business/Consumer – News Feature or Series
Roof Inspections- FOX29
Mark LaValla, Photographer/Editor
Jeff Cole, Reporter
Gary Scurka, Producer
14 – Children/Youth/Teen (19 and under) – Program or Special
What’s So Cool About Manufacturing: Post-Production- eMediaWorkshop
Scott Paul, Producer/Director
Steven Whitcombe, Editor
Teri Haddad, Executive Producer
What’s So Cool About Manufacturing: Production- eMediaWorkshop
Scott Paul, Producer/Director
Steven Whitcombe, Editor
Teri Haddad, Executive Producer
15 – Crime News- Single Story or Series
Stories of Victims- CBS3
Walt Hunter, Reporter
16 – Education/Schools – News Single Story or Series
Tax Deadbeats Owe Millions to Philadelphia School Children- NBC Philadelphia
George Spencer, Producer
17 – Education/Schools Program Feature or Segment
Art of Food: Fresh Palates to Palettes- WHYY, Inc.
Monica Rogozinski, Producer
18 – Education/Schools – Program/Special
Classroom Close-up, NJ: Show 8 2013-14- NJEA
Richard Renner, Series Producer
Kathryn Coulibaly, Executive Producer
Adam Bauser, Segment Producer
Kevin Ronan, Segment Producer
Dana Master, Segment Producer
Ed Waters, Director of Photography
19 – Entertainment – Program/Special
On Canvas: Melissa Etheridge- WHYY, Inc.
Trudi Brown, Executive Producer
Eric Sennhenn, Camera
Steve Kwasnik, Producer
Lisa Gray, Associate Producer
Pete Scaffidi, Editor
Gary Lindstrom, Technical Director
20 – Environment/Science – News Single Story or Series
Worried About Water- WGAL-TV
Katelyn Smith, Reporter
21 – Health – News Single Story or Series
Don’t Ask, Don’t Research- WTAE-TV
Shannon Perrine, Reporter
When Hashtags Hurt- WHTM abc27
Deryk Thompson, Photojournalist
Alexandria Hoff, Reporter/Producer
22 – Health/Environment/Science – Program Feature/Segment
Get in the Game, Save a Life- Comcast SportsNet
Leslie Gudel, Producer
Michael Barkann, Talent
Justin Krapf, Editor
Brian Dashefsky, Senior Media Manager
23 – Health/Environment/Science Program/Special
Wendy Bell, Host/Reporter
Sally Wiggin, Host/Reporter
Brian Caldwell, Photographer/Editor
Andrew Cunningham, Photographer
TJ Haught, Photographer/Editor
24 – Historic/Cultural Program Feature/Segment
The Blackest Sunday- Comcast SportsNet
Brad Nau, Producer
25 – Historic/Cultural Program/Special
Philadelphia, The Great Experiment–The Fight: 1965-1978- History Making Productions
Sam Katz, Producer
Andrew Ferrett, Director
Nathaniel Popkin, Senior Writer
Ginny Lasco, Creative Director
Paul Van Haute, Director of Photography
26 – Human Interest – News Feature
Love Front Porch- WTAE-TV
Wendy Bell, Reporter
Brian Caldwell, Photojournalist
The Power Of Forgiveness- FOX29
Joyce Evans, Producer/Writer/Reporter
Shane McEachern, Photojournalist/Editor/Producer
27 – Human Interest Program Feature/Segment
Those Dog Days- Comcast SportsNet
Brad Nau, Producer
Tony Heath – A Heart of Gold- United Parcel Service
April Nelson, Executive Producer
Michael Reff, Producer/Director of Photography
Will Payne, Producer/Editor
28 – Human Interest Program/Special
Change of Habit- WQED Multimedia
Michael Bartley, Producer
Paul Ruggieri, Editor/Photographer
29 – Politics/Government- News Single Story or Series
Ampersand- WNEP-TV
Dave Bohman, Reporter
30 – Weather – News Single Story or Series
Wild Weather: Flash Flooding and Tornado Hit Western Pennsylvania- WPXI-TV
Mike Oliveira, News Director
Sarah Plocki, Producer
Scott Harbaugh, Meteorologist
Amy Moore, Director
Jennifer Fitzgerald, Director
Amy Marcinkiewicz, Reporter
Timyka Artist, Reporter
31 – Sports – News Single Story or Series
The Winning Edge- WPMT Fox43
Michael Hyland, Reporter
Harold Trulear, Photographer
32 – Sportscast
WTAE-TV: Action Sports, September 23, 2013- WTAE-TV
Andrew Stockey, Anchor
CBS 21 Sports with Jason Bristol 8/20/2013- WHP CBS21
Jason Bristol, Anchor
33 – Sports News Feature
Life’s Biggest Rebound- WHTM abc27
Josh Reed, Reporter
34 – Sports – Program Feature/Segment
The Handler- Comcast SportsNet
Danny Pommells, Talent
Brad Nau, Producer
35 – Sports – Daily or Weekly Program
Wells Fargo SportsNite- Comcast SportsNet
Michael Mulhern, Show Producer
Michelle Murray, VP of News Programming
Rob Kuestner, Assistant News Director
Kevin Feeney, Coordinating Producer
Andrew Greth, Associate Producer
Jordan Strauss, Production Assistant
Fred Cohen, Director
36 – Sports – Program Series
In The Room- Pittsburgh Penguins
Leo McCafferty, Producer
Jon Otte, Associate Producer
Bruce Meyers, Associate Producer
Stephen Finerty, Production Manager/Sound Mixer
Zach Tyke, Production Assistant
Michael Davenport, Cinematographer
Meghan McManimon, Cinematographer
37 – Sports – Interview/Discussion
Eagles Unscripted- Eagles Television Network
Joseph Helder, Senior Producer
Bryan Thomas, Producer
Mike O’Connor, Editor/Designer
Chris Johnson, Executive Producer
38 – Sports – Program One-Time Special
Going For Gold- NBC Philadelphia
Matthew Maiorano, Photographer/Editor
Danielle Soyka, Producer
Colin Macaulay, Producer
Leigh Ingram Pullekines, Director
Michael Hurst, Editor
Matthew Pantaleno, Photojournalist
Jillian Mele, Anchor/Reporter
39 – Sporting Event/Game – Live/Unedited Program/Special/Series
76ers Basketball- Comcast SportsNet
Shawn Oleksiak, Senior Executive Producer
J.R. Aguila, Producer
Nicola Marchetta, Director
Josh Schrager, Associate Producer
40 – Documentary
Philadelphia: The Great Experiment…Breakthrough: 1978-1994- History Making Productions
Sam Katz, Producer
Andrew Ferrett, Director
Devon McReynolds, Writer
Paul Van Haute, Director of Photography
Ginny Lasco, Creative Director
Dave Bauer, Senior Editor
Jon Kohl, Associate Producer/Archivist
41 – Interview/Discussion Program/Special
McGreevey Redux- Rutgers, The State University of NJ
Sandra King, Producer/Host
Dr. Raphael Caprio, Executive Producer
Ronald Chen, Executive Producer
Peter Troost, Lighting Director
Michael A. Alden, Executive Producer
Dale Badway, Executive Producer
Ken Mahoney, Executive Producer
42 – Interview/Discussion Series
Bridgegate, Madoff Ponzi Scheme, Majoring in Debt- Ebru TV
Efe Maruflu, Producer
Alyssa Cuttler, Associate Producer
Mia Toschi, Host
Dee Dee Benke, Segment Producer
43 – Lifestyle Program – Feature/Segment
Firehouse Cooks: Mt Lebanon Ribs- Andy Kelemen
Andy Kelemen, Producer/Camera
44 – Lifestyle Program/Special
Memories From The Table- WQED Multimedia
Pierina Morelli, Producer/Editor/Writer
Christian Fennimore, Reporter/Narrator
45 – Magazine Program/Special
Your Pittsburgh- KDKA-TV
David Highfield, Executive Producer/Co-Host
Kimberly Gill, Co-Host
Ian Smith, Photographer/Editor
46 – Public/Current/Community Affairs Feature/Segment
Goodwill’s Good Deal- WHTM abc27
Dennis Owens, Anchor/Reporter
47 – Public/Current/Community Affairs Program/Special
Alex Scott: A Stand for Hope- CBS3
Monica Avery, Producer
Pat Ciarrocchi, Host
Jonelle Fabian, Producer
Chris May, Host
Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network #MeetTheKids- Top Flight Media
Frank Arendt, Creative Director
Danielle Prokopchak, Creative/PR
48 – Promotion – News and Program and PSA – Single Spot
Eighty Years of Discovery- Thorne Media
Stephen Thorne, Producer/Writer/VFX
Nicholas Abate, Co-Writer/Editor/VFX
Lawrence Thorne, Producer
Josette Hammerstone, Co-Producer
Patrick Huber, Assistant Director
Kara Callahan, Co-Producer
Troy Collins, Executive Producer
49 – Promotion – News and Program and PSA – Campaign
Expect More- KDKA-TV
Tina Veon, Producer
Greg Loscar, Producer/Videographer/Editor
50 – Commercial – Single Spot
A Patisserie in Pittsburgh- Andy Kelemen
Andy Kelemen, Producer
One Day in Pompeii- Thorne Media
Stephen Thorne, Producer/VFX
Nicholas Abate, Editor
Lawrence Thorne, Producer
Kara Callahan, Co-Producer
John Presutto, 2nd DOP
51 – Station Excellence
Comcast SportsNet
Brian Monihan, President and General Manager
52 – News Excellence
CBS 3 Eyewitness News
Susan Schiller, VP of News
53 – Community Service
Gun Violence: Victims & Voices For Change- WQED Multimedia
Darryl Ford Williams, VP of Content
54 – Team Coverage
July Weather 1-2 Punch- KDKA-TV
Anne Linaberger, News Director
55 – Musical Composition/Arrangement
Philadelphia: The Great Experiment…Breakthrough: 1978-1994- History Making Productions
Patrick De Caumette, Composer/Sound Director
56 – Director – Live or Live-to-Tape
Pete Toma, ROOT Sports
57 – Editor – Program
Justin Krapf, Comcast SportsNet
58 – Editor – Short Form
Andy Kelemen, Andy Kelemen Productions
59 – Editor – News
James Ring, FOX29
60 – Graphic Arts/Animation
UPMC Ultimate Highlight- Pittsburgh Penguins
Padraic Driscoll, Stephen Finerty, Aaron Spiegel
61 – On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News
Wendy Bell, WTAE-TV
62 – On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Weather
Stephen Cropper, WPXI-TV
63 – On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Sports
Jason Bristol, WHP CBS21
64 – On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator
Kimberly Gill, KDKA-TV
65 – On-Camera Talent – Reporter – Features/Human Interest
Wendy Bell, WTAE-TV
66 – On-Camera Talent – Reporter – General Assignment
Matt DeLucia, NBC Philadelphia
67 – On-Camera Talent – Reporter – Specialty Assignment
Wendy Bell, WTAE-TV
68 – On-Camera Talent – Reporter – Sports
Jason Bristol, WHP CBS21
69 – On-Camera Talent – Sports Analyst/Play-by-Play
Marc Zumoff, Comcast SportsNet
70 – Photographer – News
Deryk Thompson, WHTM abc27
Eric Heisler, WHTM abc27
71 – Photographer – Program
Mark Stitzer, Penn State Public Media
72 – Photographer – Sports
Brad Nau, Comcast SportsNet
73 – Video Essay (Single Camera Only)
Tales from the Gettysburg 150th- York Daily Record
Jason Plotkin, Producer
Truck Day- Comcast SportsNet
Brad Nau, Photographer/Producer/Editor
74 – Video Journalist
Steven Fisher, WHTM abc27
75 – Writer – Program
Philadelphia: The Great Experiment…Breakthrough: 1978-1994- History Making Productions
Andrew Ferrett, Devon McReynolds, Nathaniel Popkin
76 – Writer – News/Commentary/Short Form
Jason Bristol, WHP CBS21