2011 Emmy® Recipients

62011 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Award Recipients- September 24, 2011

Newscast – Evening- Larger Markets (markets #1-38)

“CBS3 Eyewitness News at 11PM – 7.7.2010 – Duck Boat Crash”- CBS3

Jonelle Fabian, Producer

Steve Lindsay, Executive Producer

Chris May, Anchor

Susan Barnett, Anchor


Newscast – Evening- Medium Markets (markets 39 & smaller)

“News 8 at 6:00”- WGAL-TV

Daniel O’Donnell, News Director

John Mason, Executive Producer

Kim Lemon, Anchor

Ron Martin, Anchor

Rhonda Keiser, Producer


Newscast- Morning

“Eyewitness News on the CW – Duck Boat Crash”- CW Philly 57

Lisa Santoro, Producer

Jenn Connor, Producer

Lisa Shiner, Director

Karen Rariden, Executive Producer

Dray Clark, Reporter

Ukee Washington, Anchor

Anne-Marie Green, Anchor


General Assignment Report Within 24 Hours

“Four Loko Overdose”- WNEP-TV

Dave Bohman, Reporter


General Assignment Report- No Time Limit

“A Grandparents’ Wish”- WHTM abc27

Joe O’Neill, Reporter


Team Coverage

“Deadly Blast Rocks Philly Neighborhood”- NBC Philadelphia

Daniel Stamm, Writer

Geoffrey Nichols, Videojournalist

Bruce Ryan, Videojournalist

Brian Iacone, Videojournalist

Vince Lattanzio, Editor

Rosemary Connors, Reporter

Alissa Ingram, Executive Producer


“7 Children Killed in Fire”- WHP CBS21

Jaime Meyers, Reporter

James Stanton, Photojournalist

Ewa Dworakowski, Reporter

Erica Moffit Dilks, Reporter

Momin Bhatti, Photojournalist
Spot News

“Deadly Blast Damage”- NBC Philadelphia

Geoffrey Nichols, Videographer

Douglas Shimell, Reporter

Brian Iacone, Videographer/Editor


Continuing Coverage- No Time Limit 

“Duck Boat Crash Continuing Coverage”- CBS3

Susan Schiller, VP & News Director


Investigative Report- Single Story or Series

“A Mother’s Justice: The Kate Mariana Story”- CBS3

Jim Osman, Investigative Reporter

Mike Henry, Editor

Joan Sill, Investigative Producer

Andrea Korff, Photographer

Rich Edwards, Executive Producer


Feature News Report

“Piece of Philly History”- Comcast SportsNet

Thomas Kretschmer, Photojournalist/Editor


Feature News Report -Serious Feature 

“PAT Buses”- WTAE-TV

Jim Parsons, Reporter

Michael Lazorko, Editor


Feature News Report- Series

“Rebuilding Pittsburgh”- WTAE-TV

Wendy Bell, Reporter

Michael Lazorko, Editor

Andrew Cunningham, Photojournalist


Business/Consumer – News Feature or Series

“Yearbooks: Lost Then Found”- CBS3

Jim Donovan, Reporter

Jennifer Coleman, Producer

Andrea Korff, Photographer

Mike Henry, Editor


“Coupon Clipper Warning”- CBS3

Jim Donovan, Reporter

Jennifer Coleman, Producer

Andrea Korff, Photographer

Mike Henry, Editor

Terence Brownley, Photographer



Crime News- Single Story or Series  

“Justice for Jessica”- CBS3

Teresa Nazario, Producer

Natasha Brown, Reporter

Andrea Korff, Photographer

Mike Henry, Editor


Environment/Science – News Single Story or Series

“Neighborhood Nightmare”- CBS3

Chris May, Writer/Reporter

Mike Henry, Editor


Human Interest – News Feature

“A Mother’s Gift”- FryFilms LLC

Todd Fry, Producer/Editor

Cara Fry, Producer


Politics/Government- News Single Story or Series  

“Pension Pain”- WHP CBS21

Chris Papst, Reporter


“Ghost Voting”- WGAL-TV

Matt Belanger, Government Reporter


Sports- News Single Story or Series 

“Lingerie Football: The Ultimate Fantasy League?”- WHP CBS21

Jason Bristol, Sports Director


Sports- Program Feature/Segment

“Roy Halladay’s No-Hitter”- CBS3

Andrew Wheeler, Producer/Writer

Mike Henry, Editor


Sports- Regularly Scheduled Daily Program or Sportscast 

“Toyota SportsNite”- Comcast SportsNet

Rob Kuestner, Assistant News Director

Nyree Berry, Production Assistant

Charles Dower, Show Producer

Bill Markel, Director

Lisa Hillary, Anchor

Rob Michel, Producer

Matt Azarva, Associate Producer


Sports- Program Series 

“The Players Show”- Eagles Television Network

Bryan Thomas , Producer

Douglas Interrante, Producer


Sports- Program One-Time Special 

“The Dirty Dozen: A Stupendous Bike Ride”- WQED Multimedia

Rick Sebak, Producer

Kevin Conrad, Editor

Matt Conrad, Associate Producer

Frank Caloiero, Camera

Bob Lubomski, Camera


Sporting Event/Game – Live/Unedited Program/Special/Series

“2010 Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Broadcasts”- Eagles Television Network

Bryan Thomas , Producer

Chris Johnson, Editor

Artie Kempner, Director/Producer

Rob Schmoll, Senior VP

Stephen Keyser, Associate Director

Don Tollefson, Anchor

Winfield Clark, Operations Manager


Arts Program/Special

“2010 Freddy Awards”- WFMZ-TV

Barry Fisher, General Manager

Shelley Brown, Executive Producer

Jamie Balliet, Producer


Arts/Entertainment Program Feature/Segment

“Jewelry N’at”- WQED Multimedia

Pierina Morelli  , Producer/Photographer/Editor


Entertainment- Program/Special

“Special Friday Arts Episode # 0810”- WHYY

Trudi Brown, Executive Producer

Michael O’Reilly, Producer

Karen Smyles, Producer

Monica Rogozinski, Producer

Eric P. Sennhenn, Photographer

Patrick Warner, Editor

Christine Dempsey, VP & Chief Content Officer


Children/Youth/Teen (19 and under)- Program or Special 

“Not Behind the Wheel”- eMediaWorks

Teri Haddad, Producer

Brandon Pousley, Editor

Scott Paul, Director


Education/Schools Program Feature or Segment 

“Classroom Close-up NJ: Musical Thread”- NJN Public Television

Richard Renner, Segment Producer

Wanda Swanson, Executive Producer

Ed Waters, Director of Photography


Environment/Science- Program Feature/Segment

“Solar Water”- WQED Multimedia

Pierina Morelli, Producer/Photographer/Editor


Environment/Science – Program/Special 

“Gas Rush: The Marcellus Shale Project”- WBRE-TV

Drew Speier, Anchor

Candice Kelly, Anchor

Fred Vito, Producer

Jeremy Settle, News Director


Health Program Feature or Segment

“Beyond Boundaries: Minspeak”- WQED Multimedia

Pierina Morelli, Producer/Photographer/Editor


Health Program or Special

“HealthSmart: Mysteries of the Teenage Mind”- WITF-TV

Keira McGuire, Producer/Host

Cara Fry, Executive Producer


Historic/Cultural Program Feature/Segment

“Leo Beachy: A Legacy Nearly Lost”- WQED Multimedia

David Solomon, Writer/Producer

Paul Ruggieri, Photojournalist/Editor


Historic/Cultural Program/Special 

“A Taste of History”- Multi Media Productions

Ariel Schwartz, Executive Producer

Chris McDowell, Editor

Jim Davey, Director

Ken Hoffman, Associate Producer

Kathryn Davey, Editor


Human Interest Program Feature/Segment 

“The Story of Alex Scott”- CBS3

Pat Ciarrocchi, Host/Writer

Jonelle Fabian, Producer

Mike Henry, Editor


Human Interest Program/Special

“Brotherly Love”- CBS3

Evan Hirsch, Producer

Teresa Nazario, Special Projects Producer

Dave Huddleston, Anchor

Rich Edwards, Executive Producer

Randall E.Scott, Editor



“Carrying Darisabel”- York Daily Record/Sunday News

Jason Plotkin, Visual Journalist


Interview/Discussion Program/Special

“It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle: Jail for Bullies”- The Comcast Network

Lynn Doyle, Host


Interview/Discussion Series 

“Due Process: NJN Public Television”- NJN Public Television

Sandra King, Producer

Tania Ivanova, Associate Producer

Raymond Brown, Host

Laurel Spira, Director

Patricia Scannella, Floor Director

Henrietta Parker, Coordinating Producer


Magazine Program/Special 

“Foodies – Manayunk”- NBC Philadelphia

Brendan Conway, Producer

Lauren Bacigalupi, VP Advertising & Promotion

Shay Mendes, Creative Director

Tim Furlong, Reporter

Tim Strong, Design Manager, Special Projects

Paul Quimby, Photographer

Brendan McCullough, Video Editor


Public/Current/Community Affairs Feature/Segment  

“Conquering Childhood Cancer”- FryFilms

Todd Fry, Producer/Writer/Editor

Cara Fry, Producer


Public/Current/Community Affairs Program/Special  

“Teen Dating Violence: The Murder of Demi Cuccia”- WQED Multimedia

Michael Bartley, Producer/Reporter

Frank Caloiero, Photographer/Editor


Special Event Coverage- Live (other than News or Sports)

“Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2010- Live”- CBS3

Monica Avery, Producer

Pat Ciarrocchi, Anchor

Carol Erickson, Anchor

Susan Barnett, Anchor

Lisa Shiner, Director

Laura Duzen, Director

Chris Brady, News Operations Supervisor


Promotion- News and Program and PSA- Single Spot 

“U65 Website Launch”- WUVP-65 Univision

Wilfredo Manzano, Producer

Josue Duarte, Producer


“Table Games for Rookies”- KDKA-TV

Tina Veon, Creative Services Director

Ryan Krumm, Creative Services Editor

Promotion- News and Program and PSA- Campaign

“Give The People… Testimonials”- NBC Philadelphia

Henry Vazquez, Promotions Manager, News & On-Air

Tim Strong, Design Manager, Special Projects

Charlie Wellock, Photographer/Editor

Derek Robinson, Animation Design Manager

Lauren Bacigalupi, VP Creative Services


Promotion- News and Program Image

“Comcast SportsNet – We Live Philly Sports”- Comcast SportsNet

Eugenia Krug, Executive Producer

Kimberly Stewart, Producer


Station Excellence


Jon Hitchcock, President & General Manager


News Excellence


Michael Goldrick, News Director


Community Service 

“Decoding Autism”- NJN Public Television

Sara Lee Kessler, Producer/Reporter/Writer

Kaitlin Chieco, Associate Producer

Edward Hartman III, Web Designer

Janice Selinger, Executive Producer

Bob Herman, On-Line Editor

Joe Cermele,


Musical Composition/Arrangement 

Timothy Day, Center City Film and Video



Todd Fry, Fryfilms LLC


Editor- Program

Mike Henry- Halladay’s No-Hitter, CBS3


Editor- Short Form 

Jim Hartnett, Comcast SportsNet


Editor- News

Michael Hickey, NBC Philadelphia


Graphic Arts/Animation

Ayhan Cebe- Footnote, Everest Productions

Ayhan Cebe- Podium, Everest Productions


On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News Anchor

Dave Huddleston, CBS3

On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Weather 

Kathy Orr, CBS3


On-Camera Talent – Anchor- Sports 

Jason Bristol, WHP CBS21


On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator 

Nell McCormack Abom, WITF-TV


On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Features/Human Interest 

Wendy Bell, WTAE-TV


On-Camera Talent- Reporter- General Assignment 

Chris O’Connell, FOX29


On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Specialty Assignment 

Jim Osman, CBS3


On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Sports

John Boruk, Comcast SportsNet


On-Camera Talent- Sports Analyst/Play-by-Play

Marc Zumoff, Comcast SportsNet


Photographer- Program 

Doug Interrante, Eagles Television Network


Photographer- News 

Eric Heisler, WHTM abc27


Video Journalist 

Joe O’Neill, WHTM abc27


Writer- Program 

David Solomon, WQED Multimedia


Writer- News/Commentary/Short Form

Walt Hunter, CBS3


Student Award for Excellence


College Production- Newscast

“Temple Update: Show 4”- Temple University

Robert Czyzewicz, Supervising Producer

Kristina Leon, Student Executive Producer

Megan McNerney, Student Executive Producer

Peter Jaroff, Executive Producer


College Production- News: General Assignment

“An Unseen World”- Temple University

Robert Czyzewicz, Supervising Producer

Dan Koob, Reporter/Anchor

Peter Jaroff, Executive Producer


College Production- Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

“Off Campus”- Drexel University

Ryan Goldberg, Supervising Producer

Kristina Massic, Producer

Laurel Chadwick, Producer

Ashley Hulse, Director

Andrew Catenia, Director

James Hall, Editor


College Production- Sports

“Loyal to a ‘T’- The Story of a Lifelong Temple Basketball Fan”- Temple University

Robert Czyzewicz, Supervising Producer

Patrick Rosenbaum, Videographer/Editor

Josh Rultenberg, Reporter

Peter Jaroff, Executive Producer


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